What does it mean to be Eco-Friendly?

“Ecologically-Friendly”, “Eco-Friendly” or “Green” in basic terms refers to activities, products or methodologies that help to protect the environment.  Many people choose to adopt an Eco-Friendly lifestyle because they are concerned about the environment and want to do their part to keep the Earth a sustainable, clean and safe place to live.

Sounds great right?  Who wouldn’t want to protect their environment?

There is a ton of media attention to environmental issues such as climate change, pollution, extinction of species and the destruction of natural habitats to name a few.  Though it is widely accepted that we are negatively affecting our global environment, before jumping of the band wagon of any cause, one needs to take the time to research the available information and educate oneself on the facts behind any issue.  I have always believed that whether one decides to champion a cause publicly or just make a lifestyle change, make sure that you are doing it for the right reasons and that you are well informed about the facts.  When you speak about your decisions from an educated platform, your message comes across loudly and intelligently and you will definitely add credibility to your passion.


Welcome to the Paddocks Equestrian Blog!  A place to read about eco-friendly and natural horse-keeping and horsemanship.

This is where I will strive to update you on news, views and natural products and methods especially for horse-keeping and living a green equestrian lifestyle.  I’m excited to share my thoughts and will welcome feedback as the blog evolves.

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