I Am NOT A Hippie

What does it mean to be “Green”?  I asked my 5 year old son.  His answer?  “Well…it means to wear a green shirt”.  Then we talked a little bit about what it meant to me.  “Oh, so being green is good for the Earth!” he excitedly proclaimed.  If a five year old can understand the concept, why don’t many North Americans?

My realization that I wanted to do better for my family and our planet didn’t come overnight, but now that I have chosen this path I want to share my knowledge and teach others what I have discovered.  Sometimes I think that many of my friends, particularly those that have known me a long time, are unsure of what to make of this relatively new outlook on life and what I want for my family – I used to work in the petroleum industry, for a big oil company, so I can’t really have jumped on this environmentally friendly bandwagon right?  Maybe moving to BC has addled her brain a bit – it is the “left coast” after all.

So, have I become a Vegan, granola-loving, Birkenstock-wearing, non-leg-shaving, organic, recycling, Greenpeace touting, bra-optional, hippie Earth-Mother?  Not exactly.  I still shave (I’m actually a bit OCD about that one!) and haven’t owned a pair of Birkenstocks since university.  I don’t eat much granola, and I’m not a vegetarian by any stretch of the imagination.  Greenpeace does some good work, but often times they seem to wreck their own credibility because their members are out on the fringe of acceptable public behaviour and tend to disrupt the peace.  So, how would I describe myself?  I think that I am an Earth and health conscious stay-at-home mom who wants to do what’s best for her family and our planet.  What more motivation does one need to adopt a green lifestyle than looking at that little gummy smile that my youngest son gives me every morning when he wakes up in his crib?  Why wouldn’t I want to make sure I did the best I could for them, and the world that they, and their children will grow up in?

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